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Debunked the most popular myths about cancer treatment

Развенчаны самые популярные мифы о лечении ракаOncologists told the whole truth about how to cure cancer.

Cancer is now so common that in society, there is a multitude of conjectures relative to these deadly ailments. To believe in incorrect judgments are extremely harmful for human health and life in General-especially those who face a cancer diagnosis.

Doctors have debunked the most popular myths about the treatment of cancer:

Myth 1. If there are no symptoms of chemotherapy, then it is not effective. In fact, oncologists say that the same case histories of cancer patients does not exist and each patient may respond differently to chemotherapy. But still there are a few cases when this myth is true.

Myth 2. Chemotherapy puts the man in bed. Today, medicine has leaped forward, so when the chemo man will be really bad, but not more than one week, then he recovers and can continue to live a full life.

Myth 3. Cancer patients need to stop eating meat to recover faster. Doctors advise to refrain from fried red meat and fast food, but not because it is animal products, but because of the high content of carcinogenic fats. Other types of meat will be very helpful to a cancer patient, because it is a protein food, as building material for the body.

Myth 4. In the process of chemotherapy is possible and to smoke and to drink alcohol. In any case can not do this because doctors are sounding the alarm, because most cancer patients don’t even think about the fact that a bad habit has an additional toxic burden on their body and this aggravates their condition and because it is so heavy to carry “chemistry”.

Myth 5. Pregnant women chemotherapy are prohibited. It is true that modern oncologists there are plenty of opportunities to save the life of the mother and to save the life of the fetus. So pregnant women also prescribed to chemistry, and if there is an option to wait for delivery, and then start cancer treatment, the doctors do so.

If you or your family become hostages of one of the most difficult diseases of the century, the answers to all your questions, you should contact an experienced oncologist who knows a lot about that, about what speaks.

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