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Fakes and myths about “Soviet abundance”

  about “Soviet abundance.” So, friends, today will be a post on one of the most popular topics in my blog — about the Soviet trade, but rather about the fakes of her that spread fans of the Soviet Union, trying to give them at face value. These photos-fakes are …

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Debunked popular myths about chewing gum

Chewing gums on blue Whiten teeth and make breath fresh, remove food debris and to protect against tooth decay using gum advertising promises. But is this possible in reality? The use of chewing gum today – it habitual. The prototype emerged 5 thousand years ago in Ancient Greece. For cooking …

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To dispel the myths about heart failure

Scientists have refuted some of the most popular myths. In particular, the allegation that victims of the disease harmful physical load, is not true. In reality, sports can be one of the treatments. Scientists have refuted some of the most popular myths in relation to heart failure. They also stressed …

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Suprun debunked myths about sugar substitutes

Suprun was advised what to do, even if the honey and brown sugar are not that useful. Often sugar is replaced with honey, molasses, fructose, brown sugar, maple or even agave syrup. Supposedly, they are useful because natural. But excessive consumption, eg, fructose can cause bloating and chronic diseases, including …

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Myths about animals that still believe. Photo

Unbelievable, but true. Thanks to popular culture, gossip and poor-quality translations the world is replenished with new and new myths. Most of them very quickly refuted by science, and some time to settle down in the society and can even turn into Proverbs. “Hide your head in the sand”, “like …

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