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The treatment of colds in different countries: people’s recipes

Лечение простуды в разных странах: народные рецептыIt turns out that worldwide popular traditional methods of treatment of colds.

In Ukraine most widespread are such recipes to treat a cold at home like raspberry tea, steam inhalation on herbal teas, rubbing it with vinegar, and others. And how to treat a cold without drugs in other countries? About these ways to combat seasonal diseases not known to many:

In Colombia people used to be treated with products with a pungent odor. They usually use chopped garlic, coupled with nutmeg and crushed Bay leaves in order to get rid of runny nose and nasal congestion during a cold.

In Serbia the most popular drink of the cough relieves children and adults from the symptoms of the disease, is caramel milk. It is cooked: in a saucepan pour a little water and add three tablespoons of sugar, on low heat start to stir and when the sugar melts – slowly pour 300 ml of milk and continuously stir until then, until the consistency and color of the drink is smooth. Then remove from heat, pour into a Cup and give a little bit to cool down and drink it while it’s hot.

In China pulverized a mixture of essential oils, called Oil “white flower”. It has menthol, peppermint, camphor, eucalyptus and lavender oils. This mixture is rubbed into the chest in front and behind, and is applied to the skin under the nose. This procedure allows you to quickly eliminate the symptoms of cold, such as runny nose, nasal congestion, sore throat, cough and so on.

In Japan to reduce body temperature fry without oil pickled plum, so much as burnt a little, then pour the just brewed green tea and drink the liquid. And nose the Japanese are fighting for Ukrainians familiar way – they prepare a ginger drink with honey and lemon.

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