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Three of the most popular product for the treatment of colds at home

Три самых популярных продукта для лечения простуды домаThese products are most often used to treat seasonal diseases.

Not all prostupivshieshie in winter, people turn to doctors, but prefer to escape on their own using known methods. If we are talking about the cold, not the flu, these methods of treatment is quite acceptable. But do not forget that the first signs of influenza and cold can be identical, so the examination of the patient by a doctor couldn’t hurt.


Lemon contains lot of vitamin C, in fact that’s why they recommend to use for colds and viral diseases, because it strengthens the immune system and helps the body to recover. Although, scientists believe that vitamin C is more useful in the prevention of seasonal illnesses, and if you combine its intake with honey, then you can achieve the desired effect of treatment of SARS or the common cold.


Few people know that honey is a natural antiseptic with antibacterial properties. Plus, the honey may contribute to the analgesia, for example, of the throat in the cold.

Unlike some other products which are used in home treatment of certain diseases, med accept even the official medicine. Scientists have conducted a lot of research and found that honey relieves sore throat and reduces the cough reflex. Patients, who take honey during colds, at night, less coughing, and the day cough are rare.

Vodka and wine

These alcoholic beverages are often used as antibacterial, antiviral, eating inside. But vodka can also be use topically, obtidas it or making a compress.

Everyone knows that taking a dose of strong alcohol, a person can immediately stop a sore throat with a cold. And the warm red wine is not just warm, but also helps to eliminate cough, runny nose and other cold symptoms.

But scientists are still not officially declared that alcohol is the best medicine against colds.

In any case, hope honey, lemon and vodka is a 100% drugs that will save you from colds and flu, it is not necessary and, moreover, it can be dangerous for life in General, as some influenza viruses in a few days destroy the immune system and internal organs, after which the doctors are powerless.

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