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Spravorossy suggest to force drug addicts to treatment under threat of jail

Справороссы предлагают принуждать наркоманов к лечению под угрозой тюрьмы

Deputies from the faction “Fair Russia” will again introduce a bill on imprisonment of drug addicts if they refuse treatment, and about a life sentence for major drug traffickers. On Monday, the Deputy head of fraction spravedlivorossov of the lower chamber Oleg Nilov.

“The main law, which once again me and my colleagues will be made, namely that [was introduced] a measure – a life sentence, confiscation of all property of these drug lords, these mobsters first of all,” said Niles, speaking at a roundtable in the lower house on the subject of counter-narcotics in the Internet. His words leads TASS.

The MP said that “we are not talking about students who are somewhere dose sold”, and “head of the Hydra, which should be applied the most severe laws”, reports “Interfax”. “In fact we (the drug cartels. – Approx. TASS) needs to recognize the level of terrorist organizations,” he added.


The second bill, which Nilov promised to submit to the state Duma in the near future is the introduction of criminal sentences for those diagnosed with drug addiction. “When drug use becomes a medical diagnosis, I propose to equate it to the criminal offence and at sentencing for this criminal offense to give only one option of exemption from criminal liability – compulsory treatment”, – said the MP. Nilov noticed that in case of refusal of treatment addicts need to be held in separate institutions with a softer regime, separately from convicted under other articles of the criminal code. “But isolation should be the maximum,” – said the MP. “This is the second law I will again be introduced”, – he concluded, adding that to combat drug trafficking it is necessary to adopt a package of bills.

Nilov also believes that it is necessary to make criminally punishable propaganda and distribution of drugs.

Today the drug addiction is not considered a criminal offence, however, if a person found a sick addiction, is convicted for any criminal offense, the court may impose on the convict the obligation to undergo addiction treatment, and medical or social rehabilitation. Criminal charges related to the distribution of drugs or encouragement of their use, depending on aggravating circumstances can include imprisonment for up to twelve years, writes “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.


In June, Russian President Vladimir Putin has spoken out against liberalization of drug laws, which were made by a number of human rights defenders, opposition politicians and members of the Russian Academy of Sciences. They offered to review all criminal cases related to drugs, and to reform law enforcement practices on them.

Advocates of liberalization have repeatedly pointed out that the accusations of anti-drug articles of the Criminal code are often fabricated investigation. It showed the journalist’s release “Medusa” by Ivan Golunova, whom the police planted drugs. Later law enforcement agencies acknowledged the fabrication of the criminal case only against the background of wide public resonance and mass protests.

According to human rights activists, a quarter of the nation’s inmates were in prison on charges of drug trafficking. However, the fact of sale of the result set is not necessary – it is automatically considered to be proven when a certain weight of a controlled substance, found at the detainee, marks radio “Freedom”.


Under the pretext of combating drug trafficking and stricter rules for the dissemination of information. In October Vladimir Putin has charged to introduce criminal responsibility for propaganda of drugs online. The bill has also been prepared spravedlivorossov.


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