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Called dangerous side the property of aspirin

Scientists advised against taking aspirin in small doses for the prevention of diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Even small doses of aspirin increase the risk of intracranial hemorrhage, and the greatest danger this drug poses to young people with low body weight. To such conclusion scientists from University …

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What are moles most dangerous, was told by the dermatologist

Pigmented formations on the body can under certain conditions become dangerous. Famous dermatologist of Poletaev A. G. told what moles can cause harm. According to Professor of medicine, the most dangerous birthmark that appeared on the body. Compared to these formations, congenital moles (nevi) are much less likely to create …

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In Telegram detected dangerous vulnerability

The reader of the Belarusian Julia suddenly found a vulnerability in Telegram. She came to Canada and wanted to transfer my account to a local number while installing the application. But to the room that issued the operator was already tied an account Telegram: running the application and entering …

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Doctors have called the most dangerous hot cereal

Usual oatmeal threat.Undoubtedly, oatmeal healthy stomach and body in General. But only if it’s not cereal. Oatmeal, tea bags with fruit flavor – no more than another marketing ploy. Consumers like this idea: it would seem that unlike instant noodles, oatmeal is so good and full of vitamins, and is …

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In Kiev the biker gave dangerous accidents

Suffered by the passenger of the motorcycle. In Kiev, at the intersection of Helena Teligi and Yuri Ilyenko happened Moto accident victims. As a result of the incident injured a young man. He was taken to the hospital. Call line emergency services entered April 6 about 22:50. According to preliminary …

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In Xiaomi smartphones found dangerous vulnerability

A Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi has a serious vulnerability. A pre-application from Xiaomi allows hackers to hack the device. As reported researchers at security Checkpoint discovered a vulnerability in the application security Guard Provider. According to experts, is in danger now more than 150,000 devices. However, the application is …

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