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Effective methods that slow down natural ageing

Scientists have named five effective methods of slowing aging. Nobel prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn conducted a global study, which brought some of the theses, which it believes can extend the life of any person. Blackburn believes that for braking the process of natural aging of the human body need to: …

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The most dangerous methods of treatment of colds

Some traditional methods for the treatment of colds has long been recognised as official medicine is unsafe for health. For many people Christmas holidays is overshadowed by a runny nose, high body temperature, cough, and other symptoms of the common cold and SARS. To go to hospital no one wants, …

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Time-tested “homemade” methods for insomnia

One of these methods will definitely help you sleep when you can’t sleep at all. Insomnia is temporary or chronic, in the first case to deal with her quite easily, but the second without the help of doctors, perhaps to build a dream you will fail. Developed insomnia for different …

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Named the best methods of prevention of SARS and influenza

Performing prevention of influenza and SARS on a daily basis, you protect yourself from these seasonal diseases. From year to year, doctors warn about the need for prevention of the most common illnesses of autumn and winter. Therefore, already had compiled a list of who to follow if they wish …

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