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Effective methods that slow down natural ageing

Эффективные методы, замедляющие естественное старениеScientists have named five effective methods of slowing aging.

Nobel prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn conducted a global study, which brought some of the theses, which it believes can extend the life of any person.

Blackburn believes that for braking the process of natural aging of the human body need to:

Earn a lot of money. It turns out that people with higher levels of income are much more likely to look younger than their peers. The fact is that their telomeres are much longer, from which to grow old, the body begins much later.

To communicate with people. Regular interaction with other people is a good thing, so don’t deny yourself the pleasure, especially because this process great aging.

Learn to withstand stress. Stress-resistant people have longer telomeres, so they age slower than those who breaks down every time something doesn’t go according to plan.

To meditate. According to scientist, only 12 minutes a day is enough to spend in meditation as the telomeric parts of the chromosomes stopped quickly shortened, and this means that stops the natural aging process.

To marry or to marry but only once and for life. The second half, giving love and care stops you from aging for a few decades. Therefore, to tie the knot only with the person who will be loyal to you until the very end.

Overall, and without the American scientists it is clear that a healthy lifestyle, good mood and stable social status increase a person’s chances for a long and happy life.

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