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Named the best methods of prevention of SARS and influenza

Названы лучшие методы профилактики ОРВИ и гриппаPerforming prevention of influenza and SARS on a daily basis, you protect yourself from these seasonal diseases.

From year to year, doctors warn about the need for prevention of the most common illnesses of autumn and winter. Therefore, already had compiled a list of who to follow if they wish to remain healthy, despite the weather and time of year.

The best prevention of SARS and flu:

– taking a multivitamin, because the body and immune system in particular may simply not enough of certain substances to the holistic protection against viruses;

include in the diet on a regular basis garlic, onion, spices and honey, as all these products have unique properties: antiseptic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, cleansing and so on;

– getting outside in the fresh air to the blood circulation is not slowed down in time and supplied important substances to the organs, systems, cells and tissues of the body;

– sports and better in the open air it will harden your body and spirit, so any viruses will not be able to knock you off your feet;

– avoid crowded places, filled with the air of viruses and infections;

– regularly wash hands with antibacterial soap and water, wipe them in any disinfectant;

– all fresh produce before use, thoroughly wash, even in boiling water.

Doctors say that the best way to prevent colds and flu to date, in addition to vaccination, does not exist. It is advisable to get vaccinated against the flu a few weeks before the expected date of the epidemic of influenza that the body was completely protected.

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