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Doctors are suggested effective methods of getting rid of a hangover

Медики подсказали действенные методы избавления от похмельяTrue.

Could happen to anyone of an awkward situation, when I drank too much and drunk much, and you need to keep yourself in hand and look good. But not everyone is able to get out of such situations, the winners, and all because they do not know the secrets that allow you either to get drunk or to sober up quickly.

One of the secrets still known to some – is the use of piece of butter before the meal. This method is popular and never fails. In addition, the oil takes care of the vessels drinking man, because it does not let the alcohol be absorbed and poisons go along with the urine.

Drink plenty of water. As we know, water is the best cleanser that possesses diuretic effect. Accordingly, if mixed with alcohol, drink plenty of water, the alcohol will come out from the body. Plus, the so-called “dilution” of the alcohol with water to reduce the degree of alcohol consumed, and this means that people will not so quickly intoxicated as those who drink along with him, but did not enjoy the secret of water.

Freshly squeezed juices from citrus fruits. These drinks are also quickly eliminate alcohol from the body as water, only they taste more pleasant.

Dancing. If you go to some event where there is dancing and everyone is dancing, don’t sit still take advantage of this and we dance from the soul, because physical exercises help to eliminate alcohol faster than any other medium.

Fresh air. Can’t dance? then go out into the fresh air and walk briskly around the building. You may need to repeat the procedure and once in the head will be “lighter”.

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