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Painting as a gift: helpful tips

Choosing a gift is a very responsible procedure. It regularly occurs to each of us just before a birthday, anniversary, wedding, and a host of other holidays for relatives and colleagues. The painting is a universal gift that is suitable for any occasion. This article will tell you what is …

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“Russian world” on Donbass made fun of Soviet painting

In the Network appeared an eloquent collage. The network has published a photo of militants of the terrorist organization of Donbass with the characteristic appearance of the character of Soviet films and paintings of the era of the late socialist realism. Photo collage-a comparison with one of the most famous …

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Spain found an unusual rock painting

The approximate age of the artifact is 12 thousand years. Scientists have found in Spain is an amazing stone on which the ancient artist carved his fellows and birds. Photos of the finds was published in the journal “L’anthropologie” experts from the University of Barcelona. It is worth noting that …

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