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Spain found an unusual rock painting

В Испании нашли необычный наскальный рисунок The approximate age of the artifact is 12 thousand years.

Scientists have found in Spain is an amazing stone on which the ancient artist carved his fellows and birds. Photos of the finds was published in the journal “L’anthropologie” experts from the University of Barcelona.

It is worth noting that the stone found in 2011 in Catalonia West of Barcelona in the town of Orth-de-La-Becker. At this point, archaeologists are digging for several decades.

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Cobblestone length was 30 cm. The stone is a piece of limestone, engraved with four figures: two men and two birds with a long neck. Scientists find it difficult to determine the species of birds.

The study showed that the stone is around 12 thousand years. To create the figure of an ancient people only used a flint tool. According to the INES Domingo, the discovery is the first example of narrative rock art. Most likely, the cobblestones shows the scene of hunting, however, perhaps the picture has some symbolic values, which means that you should understand it differently.

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In the future analysis of the finds will continue. Scientists have the opportunity to find out its value in the accompanying archaeological context. It is at times increases the chances of a more complete informative.

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