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Painting as a gift: helpful tips

Choosing a gift is a very responsible procedure. It regularly occurs to each of us just before a birthday, anniversary, wedding, and a host of other holidays for relatives and colleagues.

The painting is a universal gift that is suitable for any occasion. This article will tell you what is the best way to be guided when choosing a picture as a gift.

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When choosing an art work as a gift, the giver should be guided by two main criteria: the taste of the person to whom the picture is presented and the reason for its donation.

The girl is best presented with a watercolor, the delicate colors of which will emphasize the young age of the person to whom the canvas is presented. You can be sure that such a gift will find a place in the interior of the young lady’s home.

More mature ladies prefer to give still lifes or landscapes. For this age category of “heroes of the occasion”, almost any thematic picture is suitable.

When a man acts as a gift object, it is better to ask directly about his preferences first. It is important to present a canvas with an urban landscape to a business partner. A hunter or fisherman will be pleased to get a picture that captures his hobbies.

A serious business person, who also understands painting, is better not to present a picture without prior approval. Before doing this, you need to find out what styles he prefers, perhaps it is Cubism, classicism or impressionism

If such a connoisseur is given a canvas of a genre he does not like, there is no doubt that the gift will not be to his taste. And if the giver is also dependent on this person, then such a gift can even present a “disservice”.

If you decide not to buy a painting, but to order it, you should discuss with the artist all the nuances to the last detail. You need to tell him about your preferences: pastels, graphics, or oil. They are strictly individual.

Oil will best convey the texture of the image, its volume and chiaroscuro. Such works are the most high-status, take longer to write, and have a significant cost. Such a picture should be ordered in advance, because it takes a considerable time to write it.

The advantage of dry pastels is the ability to recreate the image of a living being, but it should be remembered that it will not be able to convey color and small details. Pastel paintings are just as expensive as oil paintings.

Connoisseurs of graphics should give a canvas written in ink or charcoal. It focuses on the shape, without paying attention to the color. The graphics will perfectly fit into any interior.

You should also keep in mind the choice of the frame. For a gift, its presence is necessary. In addition, a competent selection of the frame will favorably highlight the main advantages of the picture.

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