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Norway questioned the feasibility of the Northern sea route

Norway doubts the economic feasibility of the Northern sea route (NSR) and will be checking for compliance with environmental standards. This “Izvestia”said the foreign Minister Ine Marie Eriksen. She noted that the NSR there are problems in relation to search and rescue operations and inadequate infrastructure. “This greatly complicates the …

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Unusual building built in the backwoods of Norway. Photo

This country is famous for its nature. Pictures of amazing architectural solutions in one of the Norwegian forests has published a popular travel blogger Ilya Varlamov in Instagram. Architectural masterpiece in the woods? Easy, it’s Norway. A place that surprises you with its beauty. Amazing and rich nature is the …

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Over Norway filmed pink Northern lights

Strong flares on the sun before it was recorded.On the Norwegian island of Sør-Quala (Whale island) broke out of an unusual lavender-pink Aurora. Marianne Burghley, an employee of the company, organizing tours for viewing the Northern lights managed to capture a colorful sky. “Our guests even stopped to take pictures, …

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In Norway has awarded the Nobel prize for literature

The award was given to the writer “because in the novels of extraordinary emotional power, he opened the abyss of our illusory relationship to the world.” The Nobel Committee also noted the topics in his works, describes the writer – “memory, time and self-deception”. Books, Ishiguro repeatedly became the basis …

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So is “white nights” in Norway. Photo

A country with incredible nature. Precise astronomical definition of “white nights” does not exist. For example, this can be understood as a phenomenon, when the whole night is a period of continuous twilight from sunset to sunrise. Photos and text by Ilya Stepanov 1. Resemble, my partner and started on …

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The king of Norway urgently hospitalized

The status of Harald V is estimated as satisfactoryThe press service of the Royal family of Norway reports that on Sunday evening, November 19, king Harald V was hospitalized. King was hospitalized due to an infection, his condition is assessed as satisfactory. Recall, October 18, 2016 President of Ukraine Petro …

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