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Doctors have called the most dangerous period in people’s lives

Медики назвали самый опасный период в жизни людей According to experts, this period men and women have at different ages.

British nutritionists from the company Forza Supplements called the most dangerous age for men and women. This is due to the fact that in this period they often gain weight and this will result in a health hazard.

To do this, the researchers analyzed information a total of about a thousand people. They found that in terms of weight gain and development of completeness in the category of risk are women aged 35 to 40 years. Men face this problem in 40-45 years. Nutritionists explained that the peak growth of body mass in women, men accounted for 38 years and 44 years.

To such conclusions scientists came after studying the lifestyle of the people. They watched for changes in their eating habits, load on the work. Another important factor was how the participants of the experiment were successfully developed relationships with a partner.

Nutritionists have found that men gain weight due to work and career. 36% of them overeat because of job stress. The desire of men to get up the career ladder overshadows a lot, and even sporting achievements.

With women there is the opposite situation. Most of them started to gain extra pounds by “family circumstances”. They started to gain weight after having children. Nutritionists have discovered quite banal reason of overeating in women – they had started to eat more with her husband and children.

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