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‘For every European country demographically disappearing, in the same period, one African country appears’ – Macron

In a wide-ranging interview with the Groupe d’Études Géopolitiques, the French leader said the “Washington Consensus,” which he defined as a “monolithic rationale based on the accumulation of profits” was outdated and that nations must embrace new economic, political, and social models in order to overcome current crises, including the …

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In China found gliding mammals of the Jurassic period

The first size was similar to modern squirrels and mice. Geological formation of Tiziani in China gave scientists two new species of amazing animals that lived on our planet for about 160 million years ago. The uniqueness of these creatures is that they had a furry leathery folds along the …

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The revised period of the existence of habitable conditions on Mars

Liquid water on Mars existed much longer than previously thought. American scientists have shown that habitable conditions on Mars persisted even after liquid water disappeared from the surface of the planet. A study published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, briefly about it, reports the Los Alamos national laboratory (USA). …

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The earth can go back to the Triassic period

Scientists have calculated the rate of global warming. The level of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere in the 23rd century may be compared to the level of carbon dioxide that was in the Triassic period. Scientists from the UK predict that this will happen if humanity continues to use …

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