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The focus of the average wage

One of the most painful issues of today’s economy – the salary of the citizens. Figures of GDP growth and inflation, the authorities can still manipulate, giving black and white. And sweet songs of Rosstat the growth of the salaries each will test for it either pulls the pocket, or …

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“Not even ostentatious stability”

Russia has entered a period of political turbulence that makes it impossible for long-term forecasts, says economist Yevgeny Gontmakher. After the state Duma adopted amendments to the Tax code of the Russian Federation, according to which gardeners and growers sell their grown vegetables and fruits, will have to buy the …

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BP CEO: oil Prices will never reach $ 100

The head of British Petroleum Robert Dudley did not believe that ever in the future, oil prices again reach $ 100 per barrel. This opinion he expressed on the sidelines of the world economic forum in Davos. “The use of oil and coal will eventually decrease. Of course, oil is …

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The price of LNG this year may simply collapse

The price of liquefied natural gas (LNG) this year may fall to record lows. The reason for this will be increasing the world’s supply of fuel and warm winter, limiting the consumption of gas. Launch of new export projects in Australia in the United States threatens to flood the market …

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The poles are ready to oust Russia from the Baltic sea

The Polish authorities are gleefully rubbing their hands. Warsaw has intensively developed its ports in the Baltic, as the most important naval Outpost of Russia in the region – the port of Kaliningrad – is undergoing a decline. Poland steadily moves towards a long – standing goal of becoming a …

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Notable facts about the Stakhanovites

That we, the citizens of modern Russia, known about the Stakhanovite movement and the Stakhanovites? As a rule, different stories, representing workers-Stakhanovites puppets “party functionaries” or materialistic businessmen, or by both simultaneously. If records are inflated, specially prepared and are essentially mindless rush. The situation is presented in such a …

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USA 10 years will dominate the global oil market

The United States will maintain a leading role in the global supply of oil in the next 10 years. This opinion was expressed by the head of the International energy Agency (IEA) Fatih Birol. “The resource base in the United States is very large, the reserves of shale oil amount …

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Stability will continue

Cadres decide everything! Therefore, our economy is doomed to stagnation and no breakthroughs should be expected. We change the generation of the fathers to the generation of children in government changes nothing. And who ties the hopes for change with the arrival of the Cabinet of Ministers young and modern, …

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“Gone — so nowhere and nothing”

“Leave here, as nowhere else,” say the workers of the farm “Glusk dawn.” Before the New year milkers dairy complex Berezovka received salary for November is about 220 rubles. And the cleaning lady, whose four children — 70 rubles. TUT.BY tried to find out why it happened and what will …

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