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Pensioners in Mongolia “forgive” all loans

The President of Mongolia, Khaltmagiin Battulga decided to make a generous gift to all pensioners of the country ahead of the upcoming parliamentary elections in 2020. In his holiday video, he announced that all citizens of retirement age will be written off debts on loans. In total, “forgive” will have …

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The beginning of the great work [Though 1951]

In 1951, the famous Soviet writer Vadim Kozhevnikov (he penned the novel “sword and Shield”, who put on the eponymous Soviet film series) wrote an article in “Pravda” about construction of the Kuibyshev hydroelectric station. The article itself is written rather in a literary than journalistic genre, talks about the …

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Subsidies of Russia to Belarus

My feed YouTube channel NTV helpful tossed the tenderloin, where Vladimir Putin answers a journalist’s question regarding the relationship between Belarus and Russia. Several times revised the response of the President of Russia and do not understand. Mr Putin says about subsidies to the Belarusian economy. Turning to help to …

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Sanctions on the Russian economy imposed by Vladimir Putin

A former adviser to the Russian President on the economy in an interview with DW brings economic results of 20-year rule of Putin and explains why Russia did not become a country with an advanced economy. 31 December 2019 marks the 20th anniversary since after the sudden resignation of Russian …

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Income tax in Russia will rise to 16 percent

The Medvedev government has found a way to end poverty and demonstrates the struggle for social justice Russian authorities are considering the initiative, according to which the tax to incomes of physical persons for individual groups may be cancelled.   In addition, it is proposed to implement a tax deduction …

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The number of Russian satellites this year increased almost

The state Corporation “Roskosmos” reported on the growth of the Russian orbital constellation of civil – as at the end of this year around the Earth flying 92 of the apparatus, but a year ago I said about the 91 satellite, therefore, the increase consists of a single satellite. About …

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In the Kremlin invited the Russians to wait another five years

To see improvements in your life the Russians will be able after the implementation of the national projects, which are designed to 2024, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the results VTsIOM poll, according to which 60% of citizens called the outgoing year difficult and …

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Investments in unprofitable enterprises have not given effect

Today the President held a meeting on the implementation of the most problematic investment projects. Previously, Alexander Lukashenko instructed to consider in detail the problematic issues in the field and in the government, and under the personal responsibility of officials to develop system solutions for the effective development of enterprises, …

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Как оплатить задолженность по кредиту, если нет денег?

Когда люди берут кредиты, они планируют, как будут их возвращать, рассчитывая на заработную плату, премии и другой доход. Как правило, на стабилизацию финансового положения нужно время и клиент выплачивает займ постепенно. Но иногда случаются форс-мажоры в виде болезни, увольнения с работы или потери дохода по другой причине. Тогда становится нечем …

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