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How many tractors, machines and bikes we’ve lost over the years of independence

Сколько тракторов, станков и велосипедов мы потеряли за годы независимости

New conditions of oil supply and, most likely, the new price of gas will force the Belarusian industry belt — tightening to transfer to the reserve or to conserve spare capacity. This process can be less painful than what happened after the collapse of the Soviet Union. TUT.BY learned, who of industrial giants of Belarus more than any other felt the effects of the mismatch of the intentions of the Soviet Gosplan to market economy realities.

Сколько тракторов, станков и велосипедов мы потеряли за годы независимости


Minsk tractor works

The first tractor (crawler) left the Assembly line of the Minsk tractor plant in 1950, production of vehicles started in 1953.

DOLE made the move to become leader of the Soviet tractor industry with the development of manufacture in the early 1960s the model of “MTZ-50”. One of the largest players in the global market it did start in 1974 in the serial production of the legendary “MTZ-80”. Best model of the Soviet Union went on to cheer not only to the countries of the socialist camp, but in the bastions of capitalism. And for many years provided traktorozavodskom thousands of orders.

A record in the history of MTZ was and remains 1987.

“In Soviet times we used to increase production. The most significant event for our plant happened in 1987, when we issued 100 thousand 100 tractors — recalled ex-CEO MTZ Ivan Kuleshov. — All the tractors were not produced any plant in the world, many are then handed over government awards. We sent tractors in socialist countries, in Russia — up to 50 thousand annually, plus the 20-22% of tractors were exported to France, England, and in some years in the United States was set to two thousand tractors”.

At the time of independence the most successful was the late 2000s, when annual production in some years has exceeded 60 thousand 65 thousand units. In 2018 on “MTZ holding” that United all the tractor factories of Belarus, was released from 35.4 thousand tractors.

According to the National statistics Committee of Belarus, in 2019 the production of tractors for agriculture and forestry amounted to 39.5 thousand.


The initial power of “Naftan”, where the first gasoline received in 1963, was designed to process 6 million tons of oil. In Soviet times, the volume was periodically increased, and in 1980, at its peak, in Novopolotsk processed 25 million tonnes of oil.

For comparison: at the end of 2019 processing at Naftan received 9 million tons of Russian oil. And 80 thousand tonnes of Norwegian oil, which now saves the plant from idle, in 1980, “Naftan” would be enough for a day of work.


Bicycles and motorcycles no longer appear in reports by the statistics Committee as the most significant products of the domestic industry. Although in 1957 Minsk motorcycle, as reported by “Minskaya Prauda”, provided almost 15% of the Union production of bicycles and 10% of motorcycles. The Assembly of bicycles in Minsk began in 1947 on the basis of exported from Germany equipment, motorcycles — since 1951 on the basis of Moscow models and technologies.

Сколько тракторов, станков и велосипедов мы потеряли за годы независимости

Photo: Alexander found its, TUT.BY

In the years of “developed socialism” Minsk motorcycle, was formed along with businesses in Irbit, Izhevsk and Kovrov big four manufacturers of this equipment in the USSR. In the best years with pipelines MMVZ annually went for 700-800 thousand, “Storks”, and 200-250 thousand of motorcycles “Minsk”.

In 2018, according to the national statistics Committee, in Belarus, was released 64,9 thousand bikes and about 2.5 million motorcycles. The former mayor of Minsk Nikolai Ladutko, who is now engaged in the resuscitation of the famous enterprises believes that it will be able to help the transfer of the plant to the site in the “Great stone” and 18-20 million dollars for 3-5 years. Thanks to this “Motorcycle” will be released on the volume of the Assembly 200 thousand bikes per year.

Minsk bearing plant

One of the two bearing factories, which worked on the territory of Belarus during the Soviet era, and the only one still functioning (plant in Gomel ceased to exist), among the three largest enterprises in the USSR.

Those legendary times remained in the history, including posted on the official website MPZ nostalgic memory of the 1987 year. It was released the largest-ever number of bearings — 55.5 million pieces.

At the time of independence, the volume fell. By the beginning of 2010 years they dropped to 5-6 million units per year. In the last decade, despite the submission of inventories of Belarusian metallurgical company, they fell another five times and in 2018 barely exceeded 1 million units (1,057 million). Preliminary data for the year 2019, bearing production in Minsk declined by 17%.

Belarusian machine-tool

Who is the industry really experienced a shock belt-tightening is the domestic machine tool industry.

Minsk, Vitebsk, Gomel, Orsha machine-tool plants in the best Soviet times annually produced 18 thousand metal-working machines and provided 15-18% of the country’s total production. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, their volumes reduced to a minuscule. By the end of 2019, for example, in Belarus, was released 1375 machines for machining metals.
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