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The focus of the average wage

Фокус средней зарплаты

One of the most painful issues of today’s economy – the salary of the citizens.

Figures of GDP growth and inflation, the authorities can still manipulate, giving black and white. And sweet songs of Rosstat the growth of the salaries each will test for it either pulls the pocket, or shyly hiding in the corner of the wallet.

Experts of the analytical center “Avito.Work” conducted a study and stated that the average salary in Russia in 2019 amounted to 37,9 thousand rubles and increased by 6% compared to 2018. while Rosstat swear that I counted the average for the country as much as 47.7 thousand rubles.

There is a “two big differences”. It is because of “wrong”, too low average wages was dismissed by the former head of Rosstat. There is now a better understanding of what the bosses want.

According to the center “Avito.Work,” in 2019, the highest paid sector in Russia was the construction. There received an average of 49.8 thousand rubles a month. In second place – fitness and beauty salons, where they paid about 47.7 thousand Three leaders closed the car business is about 46,2 thousand rubles a month.

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While the lowest salaries were in education and science – 26.3 thousand roubles a month. Although departmental officials, reporting on the implementation of the presidential decrees do not just represent very different amounts – and 60 and even 80, thousand.

A similar discrepancy was noted in the size of regional wages. According to Rosstat in Moscow, the average salary for 2019 is almost 90 thousand rubles (the news greatly astonished and angered many Muscovites!), but according to the analysts “Avito.Work””, in the capital receive 57,5 thousand roubles a month.

Here the questions arise: is it possible to use such an unreliable, contradictory indicators in the planning of economic innovations? Which numbers to rely on government experts to build a “road map” of income growth?

The average salary is considered to be simple: add up all the incomes of rich and poor and removed a large, beautiful figure. The median wage is where half of workers receive less, and half more. But the modal salary – one that is more common in the industry or region. Experts know that the de facto average is the highest and modal is the lowest and close to reality. It seems that the specialists of “Avito.Work” was considered a modal, but I forgot to tell you.

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But the authorities still remember and fuck to the average. In General statistical bag shoving 2.2 million rubles received per day (!) the head of Gazprom A. Miller, and 10 thousand rubles a month, the nurses in the hospital.

A simple focus that allows you to transform almost beggar at a rich man. On paper. And turning this bumazhentsiyu can be, as Mikhail Mishustin in the state Duma, declare that the tax on the rich in Russia is no one to take! That is, we don’t have a 110 dollar billionaires and 264 thousand dollar millionaires. And money, citizens, do not ask!

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