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Worrisome symptoms of kidney disease that can not be ignored

Тревожные симптомы заболевания почек, которые нельзя игнорироватьUrolithiasis: major symptoms

Symptoms of kidney disease sometimes absent, and in some cases quite vague, so to establish the exact diagnosis will only help a special examination. The risk of kidney disease is that they often quickly become chronic, which is much harder to treat than early forms and manifestations.

Urolithiasis often happens that even relatively large stones for a long time did not manifest itself. Although, of course, there are a number of symptoms that are very characteristic of this disease:

– strong paroxysmal pain in the lumbar region in the form of renal colic;
– staining of urine blood (hematuria);
– disorders of urination;
– clouding of urine;
– the discharge of urine small stones or salt crystals.

The occurrence of lower back pain is because the stones irritate the nerve endings located in the wall of the ureter, pelvis and calyx. This leads to spastic contractions of smooth muscles of the urinary tract and to the violation of the outflow of urine, in the end, there comes the stretching of the renal capsule and there is a severe pain feeling.

Pain is often felt in the lower back left or right, are frequently distributed in the lower abdomen, groin, inner thighs. An attack may last from several minutes to days or even longer. Note that pain in the lumbar region can occur in many other diseases (pancreatitis, acute gastritis, etc.), but in any case, you need to seek medical help.

People during the attack tries to find a position where the pain would be less, but more often it does not bring relief.

Can join nausea, vomiting, lack of urine output, absence of urination (anuria).

Stasis of urine above the stone often leads to accession of infection, and is accompanied by additional manifestations (fever, chills).
If a stone gets into the urethra, occurs acute urinary retention and the patient feels a strong arching pain in the lower abdomen along with the unbearable urge to urinate.

The General condition is deteriorating, appear dry mouth, heart rate quickens, you experience palpitations, shortness of breath.

In such cases, you need to immediately call an ambulance. Hospitalization in acute attacks of the disease a must!

First aid for seizure

If you experience symptoms of acute, unbearable pain call the doctor right away! The fact that only he can decide that it will take the patient to alleviate his condition. In the popular books say that the best way to deal with a bout of kidney stones is to lie in a hot bath or put a hot water bottle on the lower back. Absolutely, sometimes this procedure will relieve spasms and ease the condition. But acute pain can be caused not by the stones, and appendicitis! In this case, any heat can really be deadly. Furthermore, even for kidney stone disease, if the attack occurred on the background of menstruation in women, exposure to heat can aggravate the situation.

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