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Why is it so important to correct posture, but these five reasons

Почему так важно исправить осанку: названы пять причинThe probable effects of deviated posture should force you to do something to fix it.

Since childhood all of us are taught to keep the back straight and not to slouch, but to grow up with perfect posture can not many. But this question, fortunately, can be solved at any age and this requires the desire and a little perseverance. In addition to the aesthetic factor will improve due to the fixed posture, you can avoid some of the health problems.

The doctors named five reasons, which should not pigeonhole the alignment of the spine:

1. Headaches. Pinched nerves due to displaced spinal discs can lead to serious headaches, plus deteriorating circulation in the brain is not receiving oxygen, so you should day by day to improve their posture, keeping your back straight.

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2. Fatigue, weakness, apathy and depression. People with a curved spine is often “clamped” only because cannot cope with stress and learn to manage their emotions. They should just tune in a positive way, as posture will be more correct.

3. The pathology of the individual parts of the skeleton. With a curved spine weight on it is distributed evenly. In this case, it is not surprising herniation, inflammation of the tendons, injuries of bones and joints. That’s why from childhood we are taught to sit at a Desk directly and not lean one way or the other.

4. Obesity. Many did not know, but in a curved posture slows down metabolism, and to speed it up – you need to saturate blood cells with oxygen. It turns out that the man who will take care of their posture, will be able to lose weight quickly.

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5. The lowering of the tone of the body. Hunched man feels trouble breathing because his respiratory system is not getting the required amount of oxygen due to the curvature of the spine, hence lowering the tone.

Pay attention to your posture, look in the mirror. If you have increased the hump, protruding abdomen, hips bent forward, head down, shoulder blades sticking out and so forth, it is desirable not to lose precious time until you develop complications, and immediately consult a specialist who will help you to align your spine and make your back straight.

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