Saturday , October 23 2021
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Derided as scammers, new party that wants to split England in two may have an important message on federalism and socialism

Boris Johnson is battling to keep the UK intact at next month’s local elections. Scottish and Welsh independence movements are firmly entrenched in the mainstream. Now another party wants to annex the northern part of England known as Northumbria, once an Anglo-Saxon kingdom.  The Northern Independence Party (NIP) was formed six months ago …

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‘Color of skin… important’? Instagram censors artist’s comic as ‘DANGEROUS’ for VERBATIM quote of woke ‘Sesame Street’ episode

“Today’s comic was struck on Instagram,” Alexopoulos posted on Friday afternoon, adding, “how strange, as I was quoting Sesame Street verbatim.” ‘Sesame Street’ is a popular children’s show broadcast on public television in the US. Its most recent episode featured two new characters – a boy named Wes and his …

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