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To prevent senile dementia, will help this vitamin

Предотвратить старческое слабоумие поможет этот витамин Elderly people need to spend more time in the sun.

Vitamin D, found in fish and produced by the body after sun exposure, can help prevent senile dementia.

To such conclusion the American and British scientists from Michigan state and Cambridge universities, analyzed the state of health of 2 thousand people aged 65 years and older. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

It turned out that study participants in the body which there were high levels of vitamin D, less than half are at risk of violations of the processes of thinking. Scientists have discovered that lower amounts of vitamin D in the body the likelihood of deterioration of attention and memory disorders increases.

Laboratory studies had previously linked vitamin D consumption with the improvement of attention and memory processes. Vitamin D, preventing the destruction of bone and loss of bone calcium, found in oily fish, eggs and foods fortified with vitamin D artificially: milk, cereals and soy beverages.
The body also produces vitamin D after exposure to the sun, but with age this ability decreases.

“Getting enough vitamin D for those living in countries with long winters, can be a real problem. Particularly serious it can be for older people, the body produces less vitamin D after sun exposure,” said Dr. Iain lang, who participated in the study.

British scientists believe that one way to prevent senile dementia may be handing out to pensioners preparations containing vitamin D. In British Society struggle with Alzheimer’s find interesting the results of the study, but I think that all the effects of vitamin D on the body has not been studied.

“Some past research has confirmed that patients with dementia had reduced levels of vitamin D in the blood. However, it is unclear whether it happened before or after the development of the disease”, says Dr. Susanne Sorensen of Companies struggle with Alzheimer’s.

Recall, the us scientists recently found that cognitive abilities after age 60 will help to maintain and improve computer games in the strategy genre. In addition, according to experts at the University of California, good protection from dementia are fish oil, and brown

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