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This popular product can cause irreparable damage to the brain

Этот популярный продукт может нанести непоправимый ущерб мозгу Scientists have identified one of the main bad qualities of salt and foods in which it is contained.

All accustomed to the fact that the list of harmful products is unchanged. It’s fried and smoked products, FAS-food, canned food, prepared food, soda, and alcoholic drinks, sweets and so on. But as it turned out, there is an even more harmful product, the negative impact of which increases with excessive consumption.

American scientists conducted a study which involved rats. During the experiment the diet of rats was supplemented with salt and salty foods. At the end of the study scientists managed to discover that the overabundance of salt in the body of rodents leads to such a consequence as a violation of some functions of the brain.

Appropriate consequences, not avoid those who throughout their life consume a lot of salt and salty foods. If the daily rate of salt, namely, 5 g for an adult, is not exceeded, then the health of your brain can be calm.

Salt, as an ingredient

Not the first time we hear about the dangers of salt, but for some reason decide that it either needs to be abandoned altogether, or not added to food in large quantity. But there are products where salt is always present. It turns out, and should be avoided.

In fact, nutritionists repeat the same phrase every time – read the finished products you acquire, because in addition to the main ingredient in it can be a lot of salt or sugar, preservatives, dyes, sweeteners, flavor enhancers and so on.

These products if to eat, then 1-2 times a week and small portions of sauces, bread, cheese, meats, dried and cured fish, crisps, salted nuts, potato fries, hot dogs, sausage, pizza, canned food and pickles.

Do not forget that some of the products nature has salts of sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus that required by the body, but salt is unnecessary, and it acts as flavor enhancer and nothing more.

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