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‘Our product, our rules’ – Russia’s Gazprom

The world economy is experiencing a global tectonic shift, with commodities becoming more valuable than money, the head of Russia’s state energy giant Gazprom, Alexei Miller, said on Thursday, adding that from now on it is a case of “our product, our rules.” “The game of nominal value of money …

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Russian meat will become most popular product export to China

To 2024 volumes delivered to China Russian meat could reach $814 million, according to RBC. KPMG experts have called the most promising for exports to China of the domestic products. According to the study “the food Market of the PRC: opportunities for Russian companies”, the greatest prospects for export of …

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Doctors called product that will protect from dementia

To prevent problems with memory and speech of people older than 60 years can frequent use of mushrooms.Scientists with the National University of Singapore analyzed data on diet, lifestyle, over 600 Chinese. Participants were monitored from 2011 to 2017. They were asked about how often they had consumed mushrooms. They …

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Doctors called the product a “kill” cancer cells

Pickled cucumbers help against cancer.According to studies, pickles contain probiotics, can improve the protective properties of the immune system. Experts note that in cucumbers during the stay in the brine, the fermentation takes place, and thus formed a special probiotics. Use of the fermentation process, researchers explain that it contributes …

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Named the most useful product for cleansing the body

How to lose weight and detox with ginger.The value of ginger in its underground parts. Fleshy, branched root of this plant contains a range of nutrients, micro– and macroelements, among which are: asparagine, aluminum, calcium, chromium, choline, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, potassium, sodium, iron, germanium, Caprylic, linoleic, oleic and nicotinic …

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Called the perfect product for weight loss

Add to your diet more soups. The study showed huge benefits of soups to human health. They change the brain so that people begin to strive for a healthy diet. We all know that to promote health it is necessary to refuse from food rich in saturated fats like butter, …

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It became known as the changed product prices in Kiev

Where to buy cheaperBefore the New year, we compared rates in the most popular shopping cities: “ATB”, “Silpo”, “EKO-Market” and Billa. Starting from the consumer basket, the Informant prepared a table of the prices of the most popular food. In the consumer basket were cereals, seasonal fruits and vegetables, meat, …

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This product is extremely dangerous for pregnant women

Oxytocin can cause a number of negative consequences It is known that milk is good for health. But only if it has no hazardous impurities. Some manufacturers are trying to increase milk production from cattle using the products with steroids and hormone injections. For example, animals injected oxytocin, reports the …

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