Saturday , September 18 2021
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Covid-19 leads to brain changes & Alzheimer’s-like dementia, new AI-powered study finds

Cognitive disorders, including dementia, are increasingly being reported as a complication of the highly contagious SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19, researchers behind the recent study at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio have revealed.  “Reports of neurological complications in Covid-19 patients and ‘long-hauler’ patients whose symptoms persist after the infection clears …

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Scientists identify potential culprit behind post-Covid-19 ‘brain fog’

“We were initially approached by our colleagues in critical-care medicine, who had observed severe delirium in many patients who were hospitalised with Covid-19,” says neuro-oncologist Jessica Wilcox, of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, in New York. Her team’s initial investigations eventually snowballed into a multidisciplinary collaboration between neurology, critical …

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