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These products are best suited for Breakfast

Эти продукты лучше всего подходят для завтракаExperts have called the most healthy Breakfast foods

In the morning, metabolic processes in the human body are the most intense, so even if you are a little “plucked” carbohydrates in body fat they are not converted. The main thing – to choose for Breakfast, healthy and nutritious meals. This was told by the dietician Lyudmila Babich.

Nutritionists agree that Breakfast should be hearty, consisting of complex carbohydrates. They break down slowly because for a long time and provide you with energy and cheerfulness. So it is very useful porridge – oat, buckwheat, millet. And the fiber they contain helps lower cholesterol and regulates sugar levels in blood. Traditional English Breakfast – oatmeal – is a great choice. The dish can be supplemented with pieces of fresh fruit and berries.

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Protein is essential for proper Breakfast. Scrambled eggs or eggs “hard boiled” with a slice of whole wheat bread (don’t forget about complex carbs!) a great start to the day. This meal will support the feeling of satiety until lunch and provide you with energy and essential micronutrients.

Instead of the traditional Cup of coffee, the doctor advises to drink a Cup of green tea, instead of sugar – a spoon of honey. Just do not put honey in hot tea – it will simply lose its useful properties, it is better to eat honey “bit of sugar”.

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“Honey is the only sweetness that is not only allowed, but also very useful for Breakfast. After all, almost 40% of the carbohydrates contained in honey is fructose, which normalizes the enzymatic processes in the body and positively affects the cardiovascular system, avoiding spikes in blood pressure throughout the day. Green tea, in turn, contains helpful antioxidants, and tannin and caffeine, which have a stimulating effect on the nervous system and help the body to Wake up, and minerals and antioxidants enhance the body’s defenses,” – said the expert.

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