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These plants strengthen memory and improve intelligence

Эти растения укрепляют память и повышают уровень интеллектаAbout the unique properties of some medicinal plants told the experts.

A good memory is essential for all of us, regardless of level of income, occupation, age and marital status. Every day should train your memory to old age, it was not a problem.

Experts on medicinal plants suggest not to disregard their advice and seek the support of herbs that improve brain function and memory, and also increases the level of intelligence and at the same time benefiting the health of the whole person.


Ginkgo biloba. Besides the fact that the leaves of the Ginkgo tree have antioxidant properties, they also stimulate blood flow to the brain with oxygen and other nutrients, due to which the person understands, remembers more, and can boast of a high intelligence.

Ginger. Ginger root effectively cleanses the blood vessels and removes toxins from the body, thus a beneficial effect on blood circulation. Than nalezena this process, the better the person the brain works.

Milk Thistle. This plant prevents the formation of cholesterol plaques in blood vessels, thereby prevents the development of atherosclerosis and senile dementia. Plus, its pharmacological properties added ability to resist multiple sclerosis.

Rosemary. Many do not know that rosemary is the best product for the brain, as it stops the aging of the body and not allow it to decrease its functionality. Thanks to rosemary in the diet to improve the condition of the nervous system and relieve stress, which also positively affects the brain. Due to the substances which are rich in rosemary, improved memory and increased concentration.

All these plants available to every Ukrainian, so experts advise to apply it regularly with the health benefits of your body and your brain.

You can use these plants in the form of decoctions or infusions daily without any fear or simply add their leaves in a Cup of tea or in some dishes where they are appropriate. It is advisable to try each of them to feel their beneficial effects and evaluate it.

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