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US provides Kiev with intelligence on Donbass targets – Moscow

Washington has not only supplied long-range High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) to Kiev, but is also providing intelligence on targets in Donbass and has even “unofficially” sent instructors to Ukraine to help with the hardware, the Russian Foreign Ministry claimed on Thursday. Moscow alleges that the Ukrainian government has …

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Germany spied on like during Cold War – intelligence chief

Germany is being spied on at least as much as during the Cold War, the head of the country’s domestic intelligence agency has claimed. He put the growing level of espionage down to souring relations between the West and Russia over the conflict in Ukraine. Thomas Haldenwang, the president of …

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US reveals ‘rules’ on sharing intelligence with Ukraine – media

The US has developed rules on sharing intelligence with Ukraine that would give Washington plausible deniability while providing Kiev with as much information as possible to attack the Russian military. This is according to the Washington Post, quoting unnamed officials on Wednesday, after days of media claims about the extent …

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US intelligence estimates Russia’s plans for Ukraine

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines told Congress on Tuesday that, in the view of the US’ spy agencies, Russian President Vladimir Putin was gearing up for a “prolonged” conflict in Ukraine, and was looking to establish control of Ukraine’s southern coast, from the Donbass in the east to Transnistria …

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US spies reveal leaking dodgy intelligence on Russia – media

US intelligence officials leaked information about the Ukraine conflict that wasn’t “rock solid” and outright made up some claims, all to win an “info war” against the Kremlin, according to an NBC News report on Wednesday. The officials admitted to, and boasted about, releasing this misinformation. When the American media …

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EU to share satellite intelligence with Ukraine – media

The EU has approved an agreement with Ukraine under which they will be able to provide classified information to Kiev, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday, citing anonymous sources. It said satellite images are one example of what would be shared. The agreement will last for a year and could be renewed …

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