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The nutritionist suggested that it is better to drink in the heat

Диетолог подсказал,  что лучше пить в жаруThe water demand depends on external conditions (climate, weather), intensity of physical labor, the nature of the food.

In the heat you should refrain from eating excessively salty and spicy condiment containing food, advises the doctor-gastroenterologist, nutritionist Mikhail Gurvich in the book “the Big book about nutrition for health”.

The diet should include more of fresh vegetables and fruit – sources of moisture, organic acids, vitamins, mineral salts. For example, cucumbers, apples, plums contribute to quenching thirst. Lactic acid drinks (kefir, yogurt) also quench your thirst, especially if chilled.

Good thirst quencher water, which added slices of lemon or acidic fruit juices; they contain organic acids (citric, malic, succinic, etc.) contribute to salivation, which reduces the dry mouth, and thirst becomes less.

Reduce thirst with a few SIPS of water drunk every 10 min. don’t drink a lot of water! Please note that drinking water or other beverage to quench thirst not immediately, but after about 10 – 12 min as absorption and assimilation by the body.

How best to distribute the flow of fluid in the body for a very hot day?

In the morning, when relatively cool, it is advisable to drink for Breakfast 1 – 2 cups of tea almost completely quench your thirst, and create in the body a supply of moisture. In the afternoon, in the heat, do not overload the body with excess fluid. But in the evening, after work, it is helpful to drink an extra glass of weak tea, stewed fruit or yogurt…

Don’t forget the thermos! Many people think that the thermos should only be used to save hot first and second courses. However, using a thermos to keep chilled food and drinks. Flasks with a narrow neck suitable for the preservation of chilled third dishes – tea, compote, fruit drinks…

Gastric ulcer, chronic gastritis with high acidity, colitis contraindicated kvass.

You should not get involved Pepsi-Cola and all carbonated beverages, especially for patients with peptic ulcer disease, chronic gastritis with high acidity. Not recommended Pepsi-Cola and diabetes due to the significant content of sugar. Children instead of Pepsi-Cola it is better to give natural fruit juices.

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