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“Better to be closed quickly than to continue the agony”

“Better to be closed quickly than to continue the agony” The business fails to comply with the decree of Putin about the pay. The employees are laid off and go on vacation Business in Russia is difficult to tolerate non-operation, announced by President Vladimir Putin before the end of April …

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Putin doubted the feeling of change for the better from the Russians

Russian President Vladimir Putin doubted that the majority of Russians feel a change for the better. He stated this at a meeting of the Presidential Council on strategic development and national projects, reports “Interfax”. In his opinion, the implementation of national projects does not bring real change in people’s lives. …

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What model used car is considered better than new?

Those cars that are corporations-giants are releasing today is a feat of engineering, safe, convenient, economical, beautiful appearance of the model. But they are not without drawbacks, and it’s not just about “biting” price. Technologically sophisticated new cars in practice often be more expensive to maintain and less reliable than …

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Life is actually getting better

The first feeling that in the pockets, like, began to be abated, the Russians occurred five years ago. But time was solemn, Crimea warmed the soul, the whole country sang “we shall pay any price” and commercialism of society is not welcomed. Later the most desperate, who have Orthodoxy with …

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