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What model used car is considered better than new?

Those cars that are corporations-giants are releasing today is a feat of engineering, safe, convenient, economical, beautiful appearance of the model. But they are not without drawbacks, and it’s not just about “biting” price. Technologically sophisticated new cars in practice often be more expensive to maintain and less reliable than …

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Life is actually getting better

The first feeling that in the pockets, like, began to be abated, the Russians occurred five years ago. But time was solemn, Crimea warmed the soul, the whole country sang “we shall pay any price” and commercialism of society is not welcomed. Later the most desperate, who have Orthodoxy with …

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Why winter steel stamped discs better cast

Often drivers try to buy winter rubber on disks. Steel is cheaper, but ugly, so a splurge on another casting. Some simply every season throws tires on the same alloy wheels. Meanwhile, in winter you and the car will be much more comfortable on steel stamped disks. And here’s why. …

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In Kiev said that it is better to be blacks, than Muscovites

Better to let the grandchildren of today’s Ukrainians will be blacks, not brothers of the Russians. This was during a press conference “Transformation of the national idea”, said Ukrainian philosopher Vakhtang Kebuladze. “If we are to preserve the white race, I am certainly not on the road with such people …

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These countries better not to visit in the summer

Here you will not be able to relax. Travel services Skyscanner has conducted a study called travel destinations where you should not go in the summer. It is reported that in the preparation of the rating took into account the factors affecting the quality of rest. In particular, the experts …

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How not to overeat at New year: better ways

Nutritionists have shared the secrets that will help you not to overeat at the holiday table. Probably each of us remembers the unpleasant sensation of a full stomach for new year’s table when clock has not been beaten, and it is hard to get up. To say nothing of dancing …

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