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The nutrition expert gave good advice dreams to lose weight

Знаток диетологии дал три дельных совета мечтающим похудетьThe experts identified only three rules for effective weight loss.

Nutritionists increasingly advise people with obesity not to resort to one or another of the popular diets and stick to the rules of healthy eating. But for those who have overweight body, the notion of “proper nutrition” – something akin to the unknown and unique, what probably only the experts know.

In fact, the dietary guidelines can really help a person get rid of extra pounds, though not enough to stick with them for 2-3 weeks. According to nutritionists, if the person already started to eat properly, he needs to eat well throughout the remainder of life, then he will again gain weight and be healthy.

As “proper nutrition” is a relative term, the British expert in the field of dietetics Bob Harper brought only three rules that will allow anyone who wants to say goodbye with obesity and become slim person:

1. No sugar. A complete rejection of sugar has a positive effect on human health and on the process of weight loss. Extra kilos will go away faster if you stop eating sugar. But remember that sugar is not only sweet white grains that you add to tea or coffee and all pastry and bakery products, alcohol and carbonated beverages, and canned goods, and sauces. Carefully read the composition of the product, which is going to eat, there should be no sugar.

2. Formula each meal: 40% carbohydrates+40% proteins+20% fats. The carbohydrates, proteins and fats should be useful from foods such as cereals, fish, lean meats, vegetables, fruits, vegetable oil and so on.

3. Mini-portions. For quick weight loss one should reduce the dose 2-3 times. You can choose small plates, but in any case not to pour “Supplement”. Also, a nutritionist Harper recommends to eat only from your plate, and not from total meals, to be able to control the amount of food eaten. It is better to eat 5 times a day just small portions.

Make these three rules from the British nutritionist and you will see first results after a week for brighten and straighten up like the skin on the face and body, hair will become stronger and will gain a healthy glow, weight reduced by 2-5 kg, and inside will be a feeling of lightness.

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