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Chinese consul offers West advice on Ukraine

A Chinese consular official in Northern Ireland on Monday contrasted the approach of Beijing to the crisis in Ukraine with that of the US and its allies, in particular those in Western Europe facing energy shortages due to the effects of their anti-Russian embargoes. Zhang Meifang has previously served in …

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UK government’s advice on word ‘Brexit’ raises eyebrows

The British government has advised its employees to refrain from the word ‘Brexit’ in official communication and to replace it with the exact date of when the UK left the EU. The directive has been criticized on social media.  “You can use the term ‘Brexit’ to provide historical context, but …

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CDC expands Covid-19 booster advice amid Omicron scare

“Everyone ages 18 and older should get a booster shot either when they are six months after their initial Pfizer or Moderna series or two months after their initial J&J vaccine,” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said in a statement on Monday. Citing “early data from South Africa” where the …

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Coronaball? Australian health official WALKS BACK Covid advice urging football fans to ‘duck’ incoming ball to curb transmission

The state’s chief public health officer Nicola Spurrier made the strange recommendation during a press conference on Wednesday, when she also announced that an Australian Football League team from Melbourne would be permitted to enter South Australia for an upcoming match, despite ongoing Covid-19 restrictions. “We’re looking at the ball… …

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