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Expert tax on households will have a damning effect on the village

Taxation of private farms economically harmful, says citizen journalist Henry Alexander. As stated by the expert to the correspondent of “Rosbalt”, in LPH, the villagers produce a very small volume of agricultural products. “In my opinion, if the United Russia all-taki will bring the introduction of a tax on smallholdings …

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American expert: the Arctic belongs to USA only

The increasing interest of Russia and China to the Arctic, the White house has repeatedly expressed concern about the growing activity of the allies in the region, denying the monopoly of one or two countries in this part of the world. More recently, Washington changed tactics: the manual States to …

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Expert: Ukraine will not survive a second disaster

Ukrainian political analyst Andriy Yermolayev commented on the policy of the newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky. According to the expert, the head of the Square there are still six months to a year in order to save the country from imminent disaster. Yermolaev says that the situation is exacerbated by …

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Expert: Ukrainians are no longer “normal”

  In early 2014 in Kiev there was a coup. Then the Crimea became part of Russia, and residents of Donbass proclaimed DNI and LC as independent republics. Kiev, this situation was not to their liking, so the government sent the armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) to the Donbass, to …

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The expert explained why Ukraine American ships

Military expert Alexander Artamonov told about the danger of large-scale hostilities on the part of Ukraine for provocations against the Crimean bridge. To try it of course can. Just not that easy. New combat ship, which Kyiv received from the United States to engage in sabotage. Given the fact that …

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