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The most useful products for the prevention of dementia and heart disease

Самые полезные продукты для профилактики деменции и болезней сердцаThey contain many useful substances.

Scientists have named the 7 richest in polyphenols foods that prevent heart disease, dementia and cancer. People often need to include these foods in your diet.

Carnation. This popular spice has almost the highest content of polyphenols. So do not deny yourself the pleasure to add cloves in curry, cakes or other foods.

Green tea. One need not be surprised that tea is full of antioxidants. However, choose green tea instead of black because it contains significantly more polyphenols.

Oranges. Citrus fruits like oranges have a very high content of polyphenols. It is also useful to add a little lemon zest to your favorite desserts.

Cherry. Cherry is not only a sweet dessert, and one of the most popular in Ukraine of berries and a rich store of polyphenols. In particular, cherries can fight the damage that cause to the body free radicals, thereby slowing aging.

Cocoa. From containing large amounts of sugar chocolate bars should be avoided, but the dark bitter chocolate with cocoa content above 90% will provide our body with all the benefits of polyphenols.

Apples. Consumption of apples is sure with the skin to allow the body to get a significant dose of polyphenols. In fact, you will get 5 times more of these beneficial nutrients than by eating apples without peel.

Red onion. Red onion contains powerful polyphenols. So feel free to add this vegetable in their salads and other dishes.

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