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The most useful fruit for kidney health

Назван самый полезный фрукт для здоровья почекEight reasons to include melon in your diet.

Interesting, but the people are divided into those who prefer juicy watermelons, and those who can not live without sweet sweet melons. Now is the peak season of melons and nutritionists strongly recommend to include this healthy, delicious product to your summer diet.

Melon is great for making quick and easy snacks and can also act as a low-calorie dessert. If this argument did not convince you, let’s turn to the science of nutrition and find out what is the benefit of a melon.


The high content in melon of the vitamins, which play an active role in cellular metabolism, is responsible for energy metabolism and helps to maintain the charge of vivacity and energy for a long time. In addition, this group of vitamins has a positive effect on our stress, which is especially important in the period of returning to work after a few weeks of vacation.

Improves digestion

It is believed that melon refers to products that cannot be absorbed by the body. Partly this statement is true, but not in a hurry to give it up. If you will be right to combine it with other products, the melon will help to normalize the acidity in the stomach and cope with such a delicate problem as constipation.

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Helps to lose weight

Despite its obvious sweetness, melon refers to low-calorie foods, so it is recommended even to those who are on a diet. In addition, melon contains a lot of water, which permanently gives a feeling of satiety, and sweet taste eliminates the desire to eat biscuits or sweets.

Is a source of vitamin C

Vitamin C is one vitamin that we need all year round, but in summer it is destroyed faster in the cells exposed to the sun, so his stock should be regularly replenished. 100 grams of melon contains about 20-30% of the daily value of this vitamin, so be sure to eat a melon every day to maintain health of all body cells.

Supports heart health and blood vessels

Scientists have found that cantaloupe contains adenosine, the anticoagulant, thinning the blood and, accordingly, improves its circulation. In the summer this is especially important, because due to the higher air temperature the blood is usually thickened. Thus, to include melon in your diet, you will reduce the risk of heart disease and blood vessels.

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Do not forget that melon is rich in potassium. This is a very important mineral for our cardiovascular system. It helps to control pressure and is particularly indicated for people suffering from hypertension, i.e. high blood pressure.

Affect the health of the kidneys

If you suffer from swelling, which is especially often in the summer, try to eat Breakfast a little juicy melon. It has a slight diuretic effect and quickly removes excess fluid from the body, reducing the load on the kidneys.

Helps grow beautiful hair

The combination of all vitamins and minerals, which are rich in melon, has a positive effect on hair growth and helps prevent hair loss. A cool bonus is the extra Shine and silkiness of hair. Agree, it’s nice when such tasty foods like a melon, make us beautiful.

Improves skin condition

Like other vegetables and fruits orange, melon contains carotenoids and retinoids. These substances are responsible for the health of the skin and mucous membranes, and in combination with vitamin C and even fight off free radicals, so that the melon is an indispensable product for those who want to stay longer young.

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