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As prices rose in February for vegetables, fruit and alcohol

Since the beginning of the year, consumer prices rose 1.5%. Inflation in the consumer market in February 2019 compared to January 2019 0.5%. This is evidenced by the state statistics Committee. According to the data of the statistical Agency, since the beginning of the year, consumer prices rose 1.5%. As …

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This popular fruit will improve your memory

Another reason to love grenades. Experts in the field of healthy nutrition has told about what should be used for human consumption, faced with memory impairment. It turns out that the most powerful solution to this problem is grenades. You started to forget where I put the keys to the …

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This new year’s fruit can bring much harm to the body

The researchers warned fans overseas fruit to choose carefully on the table tangerines. Mandarin is the main fruit for the New year. However, it can be dangerous! How to choose the right Mandarin, and what kind of fruit it is better not to pay attention, reports the Chronicle.Info with reference …

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This popular fruit can be deadly to health

Experts said that the tangerines can hide many hazards that can seriously harm the body. According to doctors, before eating tangerines should be washed. Many people think that once the mandarins in the skin, then wash it is not necessary. But there are a lot of dangerous substances. Carriers cover …

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This autumn fruit is useful for many chronic ailments

Nutritionists believe persimmon is one of the most useful fruits available in the fall. Its use, according to them, a beneficial effect on the body in many chronic diseases and disorders. Persimmon has many useful trace elements and vitamins, experts said. In particular, they noted that persimmons should have those …

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This fruit is able to protect from lung cancer

Scientists call the Mandarin – the most useful fruit, especially for smokers. Lung cancer more susceptible to other smokers, so the researchers constantly conduct various researches, which are trying to figure out how to reduce this risk. In one recent study, scientists have determined that the beneficial effects on the …

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