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The incredible properties of cheese about which you did not know

Невероятные свойства сыра о которых вы не зналиUseful properties of cheese are largely due to its food value.

Cheese is not considered a dietary product, because it is quite greasy.

But it contains spermidine – a substance that prevents the development of liver fibrosis and hepatocellular carcinoma, the two most common types of liver cancer.

Scientists have also found that cheese improves the immune system. A small piece of cheese is good for the immune system in the elderly. Provided that they consume cheese regularly.

Also, researchers proved that the so-called “French paradox”. Due to the large amount of cheese in the French diet, the representatives of the people live long and are less sick, and less likely to suffer heart disease. So cheese impact on longevity and healthy life.

Scientists of the American Academy of General dentistry in 2013 said that cheese helps keep teeth. Cheese creates a protective film around the enamel and thus protects teeth from damage and spoilage.

Experiments have shown that if you reduce daily calories and to increase consumption of cheese, yoghurt and skim milk, it helps the user lose weight faster. In particular we are talking about fat deposits in the abdomen.

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