Monday , April 6 2020
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Incredible varieties of regular cucumbers. Photo

Few people had heard of the existence of all these types of vegetables. There is hardly a man who in his life has ever not heard the comparison “like a cucumber”. That’s just the imagination usually draws a picture of the beautiful green and crisp cucumbers straight from the garden, …

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An incredible sight: over Kiev Shine winter rainbow

Monday, December 25, in the intervals between rainfall over Kiev shone a rainbow. An unusual weather phenomenon was noticed by the residents of the capital. Photo of the rainbow people of Kiev were published in the community “Miy Ugradni” in Facebook. I saw the rainbow and in other areas of …

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Incredible powers of different animals. Photo

Nature has given them unusual abilities. One of the most amazing abilities of animals is the inventiveness with which they use natural “tools”. 1. The wrasse uses “anvil” We all know how annoying the search somewhere podvalsuhoy can opener when you need to open the jar. Even worse: a bottle …

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Incredible facts about submarines. Photo

All were afraid to ask about submarines. Submarines – amazing machines. That’s just so much we know about them really? It may be that half of the ideas derived from the stories and movies, not true, because in reality it usually is much more difficult. So read and try to …

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