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Doctors told about the healing properties of lentils

Doctors recommend lentils for lung diseases and tuberculosis. Doctors have found that the lentil has a positive effect on the endocrine and cardiovascular systems. Specialists conducted a study involving more than 20 people. Participants were fed according to two different schemes. The first involves the consumption of potatoes and rice …

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Named the healthy properties of champagne

Stop the choice on this drink. The traditional new year’s drink a lot of fans, but not everyone knows that there are 5 scientifically proven facts why it is good for health. 1. LOW-CALORIE CHAMPAGNE A glass of red or white wine contains between 135 to 200 calories. So if …

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Ten beneficial properties of coffee, which few people know

Scientists have found several new properties of coffee that have a benefit to human health. American scientists have conducted a lot of research to find out how caffeine affects human health, which found that this substance has anti-inflammatory properties, and they, in turn, hinder the development of many diseases, including …

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Antibiotic found anti-cancer properties

The facilities were a potential remedy against cancer. Researchers at the Institute of pharmaceutical studies. Helmholtz in Zelande (HIPS) and the Center for the study of infections to them. Helmholtz (HZI) reported about the amazing properties of the antibiotic carollton. Scientists have found that the medication blocks a key enzyme …

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About these beneficial properties of fat you were not even aware

Small quantities of fat will benefit. Science often turns conventional ideas of “harmful” and “useful” products. As another example, here is lard, which many of us adore. Its composition was carefully studied by the experts of the University of Munich. It turned out that lard contains arachidonic acid, which is …

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Called the eight beneficial properties of mandarins health

Valuable information for those who do not eat tangerines. December can be called “tangerine” month, because now the shelves of all the stores are inundated with diverse varieties of these bright orange fruits, the smell of which cause such Association, as the approaching New year. Few people know that tangerines …

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