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The doctors said that can prevent cancer

Врачи рассказали, что может уберечь от ракаTips that will help you avoid the deadly disease.

One of the most common and deadly types of cancer is colon cancer (colorectal). However, according to doctors, the disease does not occur simultaneously, and is formed long enough, sometimes for decades.

The issue of prevention of life-threatening diseases leading expert Andrei Meshcheryakov. According to the doctor, the pathological changes in the intestine can be detected early enough: to date for the detection of colorectal cancer there are several effective screening methods.

“The most important thing is to identify significant pathological changes and the time to intervene”, – stated the expert the main method of protection from cancer.

The expert reported that in women, colon cancer ranks second in incidence among males the third. Scientists and doctors tend to associate such the magnitude of this cancer with unhealthy trends in nutrition of the population. In the diet of most people, are the preservatives and red meat together with processed products thereof, – and all this against the background of low consumption of plant foods rich in fiber, fruits and vegetables.

It is scientifically proven that colorectal cancer can provoke intestinal microbes. For the recovery of the intestinal flora very important to respect the principles of balanced nutrition with high levels of a variety of natural products that ensure the intake of various nutrients

In addition, to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer by a quarter can exercise this pattern was confirmed recently held in USA scientific research.

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