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The dentist has warned of the dangers of teeth whitening

Стоматолог предупредила об опасности отбеливания зубовWhite smile like in a toothpaste commercial — the dream of every person today services clarification of the enamel Ukrainians are very active.

Teeth whitening is still quite an expensive procedure but in recent years it has become more available, almost every dentistry appeared special devices to perform this procedure. Often in pursuit of a snow-white smile people do not think about what harm such an aggressive effect on the enamel can wear to tooth.

— Of course, there are different methods of whitening, and they all have different effects on the tooth, told the dentist one of hospitals of Zaporozhye Anna Oleg. For example, the chemical method is the impact of atomic oxygen on the enamel. Gums during this time are processed with a special protective gel. Procedure is aggressive and if the substance gets on the gums, you can get a serious burn. There is the laser method is more gentle and effective because the laser works separately on each tooth.

The result of such bleaching is impressive, it is possible to get rid even from the really dark spots. The ultrasonic method is the soft — heating of tooth enamel and the tissues in this case is minimal. There is still photobleaching is a relatively new method. It uses a hydrogen peroxide gel that is activated halogen light bulbs. Under the influence of light from the gel releases oxygen that breaks down dark pigment.

Options whitening are many, but despite recent advances — any of them have a negative effect on tooth enamel. It is necessary to consider that bleaching is contraindicated for people with sensitive enamel, gum disease. If a person are metal crowns, whiten teeth need only after consultation with your doctor.

As recognized by Anna, Oleg, dentists rarely acknowledge the fact that after regular whitening teeth become weaker, their enamel becomes thinner. The first sign of this heightened sensitivity during eating or brushing teeth or bleeding gums. In this case, the teeth should strengthen special pastes and seek the advice of a physician, but from the next session should be abandoned. Neglect can slowly destroy the teeth.

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