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Millionaire Jeremy Clarkson ‘sick to the teeth’ at Brits ‘whingeing’ about school meals in UK, unleashes online rage

The British government came under fire last week for distributing “woefully inadequate” parcels to families entitled to free school meals.  The issue was highlighted by footballer and anti-poverty activist Marcus Rashford who shared a series of photos on Twitter of the parcels that families had received, which included half a pepper and one potato. The …

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The public sector showed teeth

A series of interventions by physicians, dissatisfied with the “optimizations” and a decrease in real wages, suggestive of the decay of the “nuclear electorate”. Putin, in his “may decrees” of seven years ago promised the employees of the social structures of the salary not below the average in the regions, …

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Paleontologists have unearthed the teeth of ancient monsters

Scientists hope that they will be able to find the entire bone.Scientists found the teeth of the ancient dinosaurs. Paleontologists believe that in Yakutia in ancient times was inhabited by giant lizards. Specialists who conduct excavations in Suntarsky district, during the examination of the teeth suggested that it is an …

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Poroshenko corrupt: please bring in the teeth every penny

The President promises that corrupt officials are all back.President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that will force corrupt officials to return to the state budget all the stolen funds. “Extremely important and very difficult task – to protect the army from politicians who discredit a five-year achievements of the whole …

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Simple ways to self whiten your teeth

Not everyone can afford a trip to the dentist for whitening. This procedure is very costly and it is recommended to do twice a year. More frequent bleaching can damage tooth enamel and lead to dire consequences. But there is a simple solution to the problem. The answer is simple …

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A fisherman caught a monster with human teeth. Video

In the network appeared the monster with eight limbs. British newspaper the Daily Mail drew attention to the Russian fisherman from Murmansk Novel Fedortsova, which publishes photos of unusual underwater creatures. In the network the man became famous in December 2016. Twitter then the sailor numbered 6.5 thousand subscribers, and …

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