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Healing bubbles: the surprising properties of champagne

Experts told about the beneficial properties of sparkling drink. It turned out that a popular alcoholic drink that is considered a holiday, is also useful. Experts claim that the composition of champagne, contain substances that positively affect our memory, strengthen the immune system and improve heart function. So, the champagne …

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In the river, archaeologists made a surprising discovery

Ancient dwelling was found in the fortress. In the river during large-scale archaeological excavations on the territory Novobogoroditskaya fortress, which was conducted in 2017, was discovered by a manor house of the XVII century. This was stated by the candidate of historical Sciences, associate Professor, head of the Dnieper archaeological …

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NASA made a surprising discovery on the moon

Before the Moon had its own atmosphere.NASA experts found out that more than three billion years ago the Moon had its own atmosphere – all thanks to ongoing volcanic eruptions. They calculated how much gas was allocated during the eruption, and concluded that the atmosphere on the satellite remained over …

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Astronomers made a surprising discovery on Mars

Scientists were able to discover on the planet’s surface a strange phenomenon. Careful analysis of the data with the oldest, but still functioning Mars orbiting satellite space Agency NASA has led to results that scientists did not expect: the Red planet hides water ice where it shouldn’t be. Re-verification of …

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Incredible phenomena, surprising even scientists. Photo

Twelve unique phenomena. Since ancient times man tries to explain the many wonderful things that abound in our planet. Most of them have already found a scientific justification, but such, whose existence is still hard to imagine. We collected 12 mysterious phenomena, which tossed us like nature and people. 12. …

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