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Healing bubbles: the surprising properties of champagne

Целебные пузырьки: удивительные свойства шампанского Experts told about the beneficial properties of sparkling drink.

It turned out that a popular alcoholic drink that is considered a holiday, is also useful. Experts claim that the composition of champagne, contain substances that positively affect our memory, strengthen the immune system and improve heart function.

So, the champagne contains phenolic acid, which has beneficial effects on memory function. It stabilizes the spatial orientation and improves the perception of smells and sounds. This substance also regulates the body’s signals between nerve cells.

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Experts say that moderate consumption of this drink is helpful for brain function and may even become the prevention of dementia.

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Studies have shown that after falling champagne into the body, blood stimulated production of nitric oxide. And this in turn affects the blood vessels, thereby reducing blood pressure. The drink helps to relax the blood vessels, which stimulates blood flow. And this process in turn prevents the risk of blood clots and, as a consequence, reduces the risk of heart attacks.

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