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On Mars found a surprising discovery

Scientists have found on Mars ice where it should not beCareful analysis of the data with the oldest, but still functioning Mars orbiting satellite space Agency NASA has led to results that scientists did not expect: the Red planet hides water ice where it shouldn’t be. Re-verification of data obtained …

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Scientists have made a surprising discovery about the Earth

Planetary scientists at the University of Cambridge led the study, which confirmed their hunch. They calculated that the Earth annually “loses” fifty thousand tons. Previously, scientists noticed that the mass of the planet is regularly updated. On the one hand, it receives extra weight in the form of waste of …

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Surprising facts about the most popular spices

7 facts about saltIs it really necessary to abandon the salt, trying to benefit their health? This basic spice is ingrained in our diet is so that often we simply are not able to distinguish between the moderate addition of this additive in foods to enhance flavor and another bad …

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Odessa students-archaeologists made a surprising discovery

Hoe about 7 thousand years. Students from Odessa archaeologists during excavations found the ancient hoe from antler. Unlike the majority finds that prior to this there were the inhabitants of Odessa, the condition of the exhibit is almost perfect. This made it possible to approximately determine the age hoes. According …

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Scientists have made a surprising discovery about germs

The microbes can be a private version of the InternetThe creation of a huge global network connecting billions of people, can be one of the greatest achievements of mankind to date, but microbes could overtake us in this three billion years. These tiny single-celled organisms are not only responsible for …

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