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Scientists have made a surprising discovery about the ancient fish

Ученые сделали удивительное открытие о древних рыбахScientists have uncovered the purpose of the teeth on the body of the ancient fish

Scientists at the University of Geneva studied the evolution of teeth on the body in some species of ancient fish and revealed their purpose. Some catfish such bone formation appeared again on the body.

The majority of modern vertebrate teeth develop in the oral cavity, but among some fishes there are exceptions. For example, som in the course of evolution, these osteophytes appear again on the body. Researchers interested in such behavior evolution and began a study in which it was found that those “teeth” covering the body kgs, can regenerate. That is not the usual catfish covered with scales and armour, consisting of bony plates, and on it are the teeth responsible for the protection of fish.

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In the study, the Swiss scientists found out that these teeth first appeared in fish is approximately 120 million years ago. Then there are those bone formations older than the shell, which means that the plate was not a necessary condition for the development of the teeth.

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