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In Jordan, archaeologists have made a unique discovery

Found the oldest bread in the world.Jordan found the oldest bread in the world. The ugly remnants of pellets, baked at about 14 500 years ago in the stone fireplace on the site in the North-East of Jordan, gave the researchers an amazing result. It turned out that hunter-gatherers in …

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Life after death: scientists made a surprising discovery

Scientists say that after death the consciousness of man continues to work.A recent study confirmed that human consciousness continues to work even after the body ceases to submit life signs. This means that the dead are aware of the fact of his own death. The scientists of Langone Medical center …

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Scientists made an unexpected discovery about spiders

Male spiders also eat females Among invertebrates, the phenomenon of cannibalism is quite widespread. Similar behavior is found in insects, gastropods, copepods and spiders. The most frequent cases when a large female black widow (Latrodectus mactans) devours her small partner immediately after mating, and sometimes during, before him. Recent studies …

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Named the most important scientific discovery of the year

The journal Science called the main opening of the year The journal Science described the discovery of gravitational waves from the merger of two neutron stars, the most outstanding discovery of the year in the scientific environment. About the discovery of gravitational waves generated by the merger of two neutron …

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