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In Jordan, archaeologists have made a unique discovery

Found the oldest bread in the world.

Jordan found the oldest bread in the world. The ugly remnants of pellets, baked at about 14 500 years ago in the stone fireplace on the site in the North-East of Jordan, gave the researchers an amazing result.

It turned out that hunter-gatherers in the Eastern Mediterranean reached the cultural importance of bread-making much earlier than was previously known. For 4000 years before the crop has taken root, people are already baked and ate bread cakes. Flat bread, probably fresh and somewhat reminiscent of pita bread, was made from wild grains such as barley, acorn, or oats, and tubers of aquatic papyrus, which were crushed into flour. This was done by the tribes Natufians, who began to lead sedentary and not nomadic. Was found the ancient settlement on the archaeological site of the Black desert. The researcher Arranz-Otegui said that so far the origin of bread was associated with early farming societies that grew grains and legumes. The previous oldest evidence of bread appeared in the 9100-year-old settlement in Turkey.

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“Now we need to assess whether the relationship between the Baker and the origin of agriculture. Probably, the bread served as a stimulus for people to engage in the cultivation of plants and agriculture, employment opportunities became desirable or crowded,” said Arranz-Otaegui.

University of Copenhagen archaeology and study co-author Tobias Richter pointed to the food the effects of adding bread to the diet. “Bread provides us with an important source of carbohydrates and nutrients, including b vitamins, iron and magnesium, and fiber,” said Richter. The evidence showed that natufians have a diet based on meat and plants. Arranz-Otegui said the researchers began the process of “awakening” bread and managed to make flour from the type of tubers used in prehistoric recipe. But it could be an acquired taste.

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